Jewelry Roll

jewelry travel roll

Jewelry Roll Bag

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A Jewelry Travel Organizer To Protect Your Jewelry

  • Keep all your jewelry in one area in your travel bags
  • Keep necklaces from tangling with 4 snaps top and bottom
  • Has a soft fabric cover necklaces to keep them from being scratched
  • Now available in pink or black!

We are including two 4 inch pouches (UPC 701722727229). We realize many customers like to wear bracelets and larger jewelry pieces so we have included these with your purchase. The strings on the pouch can be put around the closure to keep all your jewelry together.

Jewelry travel bagThe problem of how to store your jewelry when traveling can be solved with this beautiful soft fabric jewelry travel organizer

  • Lightweight
  • Folds over with a snap
  • Small enough to place in carry-on bag or larger purse
  • 3 zippered pockets and area for ear rings
  • A padded ring bar with a snap closure to ensure your rings are safe

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jewelery travel bag

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